I Working with expressions and developing ART & DESIGN

I find inspiration on my way and through a long creative life,  i have stored many different shapes and colors in my memory. My DNA consists of creativity and i have a mind that never stops for new ideas.. We have a proud design tradition in Denmark and with great respect and humility, I want to contribute with my art and abilities.

A creative man with a strong vision & the shape that lives forever

Rune Elmegaard is 42 years old, raised and lives in Denmark. Since the beginning of the his 20’s, he’s been very interested in the Danish carpenter and furniture tradition. There has always been a creative approach to all the many projects he’s been a part of through time
The Mid-Century period is clearly one of the biggest design periods that inspire Rune Elmegaard. Furniture design and art on canvas has been a big part of the creative work for many years. With his art, he wants to create contact between past and present for the modern art